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Container fumigation services in England and Wales

Page description: Fumigation services for bulk containers and shipping containers. Elimination of a wide variety of food pests, complete with follow-up advice. England and Wales.

A wide range of food commodities require fumigation, in order to eliminate many potential pest infestations. Other high-risk goods that can need fumigation include some types of furniture and basketware. Fumigation can be carried out at the point of export or when imported goods arrive in a country, and in-situ container fumigation is an especially useful option in some instances when trying to maximise the efficiency of logistics.

Fumigation for containers

Phosphine gas, generated from aluminium phosphide or magnesium phosphide, can be used to eliminate pests inside a container, either before transit or during transit. It is extremely important to use the gas safely, staying within Maximum Allowable Concentration (MAC). Aside from protecting brand reputation and meeting health and safety concerns, businesses need to be compliant because a high proportion of containers can be rejected if treatment is not carried out carefully. Best Pest Fumigation ensures that safety standards are met, complete with appropriate documentation.

Arranging container fumigation

Both containers that have arrived from overseas and containers that are ready for dispatch can be fumigated – and in-transit fumigation is an option for time sensitive shipments. Best Pest Fumigation provides a cradle-to-grave service including required signage, associated paperwork, monitoring of residues and venting. Certification is also included.

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