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Venting and degassing after fumigation

Safety first – Best Pest Fumigation ensures that all regulations are complied with following fumigation, and that goods are certified as safe for their onwards journey.

Venting and degassing after fumigation

Fumigation is an extremely effective technique for pest control, but safety requirements are paramount. Best Pest Fumigation has the experience needed to ensure safe post-fumigation venting and degassing across all application types, whether the fumigation has taken place in a stack, a silo, a ship or any other container.

Compliant ventilation and degassing

Reducing gas concentrations to safe levels after fumigation depends on a number of factors. The operative responsible for fumigation takes into account how much gas was present to begin with, the size of the space and the wind speed (along with its direction). The amount of ventilation available and the proximity of any inhabited buildings are also considered.

Fumigation degassing certificate

After successful degassing, and subsequent measurement of gas levels using monitoring equipment, Best Pest Fumigation issues a Gas Free Clearance Certificate. This confirms that goods are safe and that the facility where fumigation took place is also safe.

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