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Fumigation and pest control options

A comprehensive range of fumigation and pest control services for businesses throughout England and Wales.

Fumigation services

Best Pest Fumigation offers the expertise and experience needed to address virtually any fumigation-related challenge. Follow a link below to find out more about options – or simply call us on 07508217217 for an obligation-free discussion of what you need to achieve and how we can help.

Grain fumigation

Fumigation services for farmers (silo fumigation), millers (bin fumigation), logistics firms (containers) and importers/exporters Read More

Container fumigation

Food commodities where there are potential pest infestations, and also other high-risk goods that can need fumigation include some types of furniture and basketware. Read More

Stack fumigation

Fumigation for a broad range of commodities and goods, with ‘stacks’ varying in size from as little as a single cubic metre to many hundreds of cubic metresRead More

Silo fumigation

Economies of scale can be generated by fumigating grain while it is still in a storage silo. Fumigation will address a very wide range of native and foreign pests. Read More

Shipping fumigation

Regular and one-off fumigation (and degassing) for many different maritime cargoes, including foodstuffs and non-foodstuffs. Rapid response in England and Wales.Read More


After safe degassing, and subsequent measurement of residual gas levels, Best Pest Fumigation issues a Gas Free Clearance Certificate.Read More

Pre-harvest fumigation

Make sure that storage facilities and all associated equipment are free of pests before storing this year’s cropRead More