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Pre-harvest fumigation

Make sure that storage facilities and all associated equipment are free of pests before storing this year’s crop.

Pre-harvest spraying

Any storage facility used over time will accumulate pests if left untreated, meaning that last year’s pests are given a head start on this year’s crop. Treating an empty grain store, silo, bin or elevator can be one of the most cost-effective ways to keep pests under control. The stored commodity benefits from an entirely clean environment on day one, and an empty facility is easy to spray. Best Pest Fumigation can also arrange cleaning of facilities prior to spraying.

Spraying before harvest

Best Pest Fumigation can visit a site on a regular basis, or at short notice, and spray empty stores and associated equipment to eradicate insect pests. This can be helpful as a general precautionary measure, and is also especially useful if the previous year saw high levels of pest infestation. Store spray treatments are tailored to your own requirements, and are effective against insects, mites and weevils found in typical grain stores. A pre-harvest spraying certificate is issued.

Follow-up post-harvest fumigation

Ongoing monitoring is an essential part of crop storage, and we are on hand to handle any emerging problems – if it becomes evident that a crop is facing problems because of pests from the harvest, fumigation of a grain store, silo, bin or stack can be arranged quickly and efficiently.

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