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Shipping fumigation

Shipping Fumigation services for the maritime segment, including fumigation treatments when loading and when discharging.

Pest infestation is a frequent challenge in shipping, and all businesses in the segment have to implement both precautionary and remedial measures.

Best Pest Fumigation offers one-off fumigation treatments and regular fumigation contracts, providing infestation prevention and control for goods that range from foodstuffs through to elevated-risk items such as basketware.

Maritime-friendly fumigation

A long track record in shipping applications means that Best Pest Fumigation can handle a wide range of maritime fumigation requirements. We can fumigate a cargo in-situ at any port in England or Wales, including installing fumigation sheeting, introducing the fumigation gas (phosphine) and issuing compliance certificates – essential for use at the port of destination. For ships arriving in the UK that have been fumigated in transit, we can complete safe venting and de-gassing, and provide the necessary paperwork for goods to continue onwards.

Best Pests Fumigation

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