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Silo fumigation services – South West

Rapid response fumigation of large volumes of grain while in silos – a cost-effective approach to pest control, eliminating a wide range of agricultural pests.

Silos offer economies of scale for grain storage, and those same economies apply when arranging fumigation before grain leaves the silo. A major benefit offered by silo fumigation is that all of the grain can be fumigated simultaneously. The alternative, if fumigation is delayed, is arranging separate shipping or container-based fumigation treatments.

Fumigation of all pests

Phosphine gas is extremely effective in a silo, and eradicates a very wide range of pests along with their eggs. That includes not only native pests, but also more recently imported pests. Around 14-28 days is required for a fumigation treatment, depending on the ambient temperature. Silo fumigation when performed properly can deal with weevils, moths, mites, sawtooth grain beetle, foreign grain beetle, fungus beetle and flour beetle.

Silo Fumigation safety

As with any other fumigation technique, safety is paramount and Best Pest Fumigation ensures observance of Occupational Exposure Standards (OES) and Maximum Exposure Limits (MELs). A gas detection apparatus is used upon completion to confirm that gas levels have dropped, and a fumigation certificate provided.

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