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Stack fumigation – England and Wales

Fumigation services for any commodity type stored in a stack, where a gas-proof tarp can be used. Control and advice in the UK.

Any fumigation that takes place under a gas-proof tarp cover can be thought of as a stack fumigation. The range of commodities and goods that can be treated is very broad, and a ‘stack’ can be as little as a single cubic metre, or many hundreds of cubic metres. Best Pest Fumigation makes sure that pests are eradicated cost-effectively and safely for any size of job.

Fumigation in a stack

A good seal for the gas is critical when fumigating a stack, so that gas concentrations become high enough to kill insects (and to help prevent the development of phosphine resistance). The nature of phosphine gas means that it will penetrate a stack very effectively if contained with an effective tarp, and reach insects even if they are present in goods contained in cardboard packaging.

Expert stack tarping and gassing

Best Pest Fumigation ensures careful sheet placement, and uses high quality tarps that are thick enough to contain the gas over time. Generous ‘sandsnakes’ are laid across the sheet margins to facilitate gas-tight junctions. The focus is on eliminating all pests within the stack while at the same time protecting individuals from exposure to leaking gas.
While stack fumigation is a highly effective (and cost-effective) technique, it has to be implemented properly. Best Pest Fumigation makes sure that Occupational Exposure Standards (OES) and Maximum Exposure Limits (MEL) are observed, and provides all necessary documentation.

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